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  • Artist: Yuki Kajiura
  • Album: Fate/Zero OST 1
  • Title: let the stars fall down


let the stars fall down [Fate/Zero OST 1] - Yuki Kajiura

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Posted June 22, 2013 with 1 note
Saber, do you like the sea?

I suppose I don’t really know. In my age and country, the sea was where my enemies arrived. I’ve hated it, but never once have I admired it.

  • Saber: Servants receive knowledge of the modern world upon materialization. I could even pilot this aircraft if it came to it.
  • Irisviel: You could pilot it?
  • Saber: My Riding skill allows me to command any beast or vehicle, with the exception of divine and mythical beasts. Once I mount the saddle and take the reins, intuition does the rest.
  • Irisviel: Mount the saddle and take the reins… (laughs)
  • Saber: Did I say something funny?